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The Alcazaba sits along a hillside overlooking the city and the sea. Dating from the 11th century, it is a combination of palace and fortress.

It was the middle of the day, with the sun at full blast. Although there was a cool sea breeze, the sun's rays proved too strong for visitors to explore out in the open.

The ascent is very walkable, with well-defined paths and steps that gradually rose above the city.

The palace is landscaped with gardens, irrigation features, and shaded by trees. Despite the intense sun, it would still be comfortable to sit down in the shade to enjoy a drink and a book.

There are many irrigation elements throughout the palace. This water feature snakes along the steps heading downhill.

The Islamic elements are evident.

However, many of the building interiors have not withstood the test of time. Little is left of the intricate carvings of yesteryear.

With its location above the city, the views are obviously good. The palace has areas that open to 3 sides, offering a panoramic view of Malaga.

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