Road Trip From Ait Benhaddou to Marrakesh - Photo Gallery

The journey from Ait Benhaddou to Marrakesh takes about 4 hours. The mountains, specks of green, and dried-out riverbeds continue to dominate the scenery.

The roadway narrows and there is plenty of construction to improve the route through the mountains. Marrakesh is on the other side of the Atlas.

Luckily, there is a place to stop at the top of the pass, reaching 2260m above sea level, to admire the view.

Winding the route downhill, the next stop would be a shop advertising argan oil, a famous Moroccan product.

With greenery back in sight, we have reached the other side of the mountains, with Marrakesh straight ahead.

This concludes 3 long days on the road from Fez across the Atlas to the Sahara and back across the Atlas to Marrakesh. Despite long journeys on the road, the scenery was more than worth it.

Last Stop : Ait Benhaddou | Next Stop : Marrakesh