Nanjing Qinhuai Photo Gallery

Qinhuai is the lifeblood of old Nanjing, and is now a major tourist area, with sightseeing boats, temples, and gardens clustered around it. Emerging from the subway station onto this leafy street, the sights are only a short walk away.

This gate marks the entrance to the Qinhuai tourist area. My first stop is the Zhanyuan Garden, just behind the gate.

The lead-up to the Confucius Temple is a pedestrianized shopping street with traditional architecture on both sides. This is no longer original as plenty of cities throughout China have done the same already.

Confucius Temples current buildings date from the late 19th century, although the temple's history go back to the 11th century.

The information board notes these are the only stone tablets from the Yuan Dynasty that have survived to today. That would make them some 700 years old. Yet the writing is still legible.

The exit is at the back of the temple, and another shopping street with traditional architecture follows. Some of the paintings look quite nice though.

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