Nanjing Photo Gallery

Having enjoyed wonderful weather in Shanghai during the week, payback time came during the weekend with clouds and rain. Struggling to find a dry place to visit so the whole weekend would not be a write-off, my only option was to head west. Nanjing was only about an hour away from Shanghai by high-speed train, and sun was forecasted to peek out during the day while the rest of the Yangtze River Delta would continue to rain. 135 yuan later, I was all set for the 300km day trip!

This is probably the only place in mainland China where Nationalist Party memorabilia can be proudly displayed out in the open so freely.

The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty is buried here while subsequent emperors were buried in Beijing. Next door is the mausoleum of modern China's founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

A small river runs through Nanjing's historic centre, which has been revitalized into a major tourist trap.

Nanjing's historic city wall is one of the best preserved and largest in the world.