Nha Trang Photo Gallery - Beachfront

The beach runs along Nha Trang's waterfront where there are many hotel towers. While the sand is only decent and nothing spectacular like in Southeast Asia's more remote islands, many were already out swimming shortly after sunrise. The early morning crowds were bigger than during the rest of the day.

After an evening of heavy rain, I was delighted to see the blue sky and sun emerge. The weather forecast looked grey all weekend but I suppose in these tropical regions, it never rains all day?

The lotus-shaped Tram Huong Tower opened in 2008 as a landmark along the beachfront. However, the view from my hotel room is far higher than this structure, so I wasn't inclined to climb it, although it hadn't opened so early anyway.

Despite the beautiful beachfront, there actually aren't many international-branded hotels along the hotel strip. Nevertheless, the local 5-star hotels are quite cheap. I paid about USD$50 a night for a simple sea view room.

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