Nha Trang Photo Gallery

Located on Vietnam's southern coast, Nha Trang is a beach resort with tall sea-view hotel towers offering very affordable prices. I came thanks to a cheap plane ticket from Hong Kong, although I still needed to apply for a visa online and wait a few days as Vietnam has taken a different approach to foreign tourism compared to other ASEAN members such as Malaysia and Thailand.

While I spent 2 nights here, the core of my trip was to head uphill to escape the heat in Dalat, but I still had enough time to explore the city's sights and enjoy some sunshine as well.

I've read in the tourist literature that this place is a favourite among Russians and mainland Chinese, but what I saw were hordes of Koreans and domestic tourists. I don't think the international community has founded this gem yet.

Po Nagar Cham
Regalia Gold Hotel
Long Son Temple