Nha Trang Photo Gallery - Po Nagar Cham

Religious worship is believed to have existed here since the 2nd century, and these stone and brick towers were built between the 7th an 12th. They honour Yang Ino Po Nagar, the goddess of the Cham clan who ruled the region and practiced Hinduism.

Po Nagar Cham is just a short Grab ride from the hotel strip, 1.5 km away. Bursting with tourists, the impressive site rises along a hill, with paved paths replacing steep steps that worshippers once climbed.

They once started their journey here, where worshippers prepared offerings and headed through the meditation hall's 22 columns before heading up the steep steps.

The temple is on the upper level with 3 towers in the front row, and only 1 left in the back row. Staff are kind to remind visitors to dress appropriately and to remove your shoes before entering the towers, which are still used by worshippers. Free robes to borrow are available on the side for those who arrived in shorts or tank tops.

The tallest tower is dedicated to Po Nagar with a black statue of her from the 11th century inside.

From up here, there is a shaded rest area with views of the city.

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