Oslo Photo Gallery - Barcode District

Starting from outside Oslo's main train station, Barcode is a new architecture zone where some 10,000 people work. The area was returned to the people in 2000 when the harbour was moved. The revised city plan was approved in 2003, envisoning a series of narrow buildings, with the 12 that make up the district today being spaced to make the area look like a barcode.

Construction began in 2005 and the last building was completed 11 years later.

Surrounding these 12 are a number of other newer buildings, albeit not officially part of Barcode.

Barcode building #1

Besides offices, Barcode is also home to about 400 residences.

A short walk away is the Opera House, which is right on the harbour with white furnishings that shine against the daylight. Completed in 2008, the main theatre can seat over 1300 while the roof platform is freely accessible, offering a great view of the fjord.

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