Qingdao Photo Gallery - Panoramic Views

Xiaoyushan Park sits atop a small hill but offers a lovely view of the city and its ocean setting. To get there, it is a short walk uphill from Huiquan Guangchang metro station.

There are no sidewalks for the uphill walk, so stay along the curb. Traffic doesn't get too heavy here fortunately.

The south gate is permanently closed so visitors need to loop around the hill to find the north gate on Fushanzhi Lu to pay the admission.

After the smog cleared out, the views have become nothing short of spectacular.

I was very surprised this lookout point was deserted. I almost had the park all to myself.

Qingdao has several beaches right in its city centre. In the warmer months, you can ride the metro to the beach.

The hillsides overlooking the historic centre don't have many highrises. This is a bit more laid-back city. You can see the Protestant and Catholic Churches from the German colonial period here.

The hill across from here also has an observation deck that charges a modest admission.

The surrounding streets are very residential and quiet.

A lot of the buildings do not seem too well-maintained, but luckily have not been too commercialized yet. With China's rapid pace of change, this might change the next time I visit.

Signal Hill rises near the Protestant Church and is another panoramic lookout point. Admission to the park costs 3 yuan while the rotating observation deck at the top of the hill costs another 10.

This German-style mansion stands prominently downhill overlooking the city.

The observation deck looks a bit funky.

Here, the views get even better!

Chairs face the windows and the floor rotates slowly so you can enjoy the views in comfort.

The Catholic Church is now overshadowed by newer skyscrapers, although Qingdao's skyline isn't so big at the moment.

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