Qingdao Photo Gallery - Historic City

The Governorís House was designed to look like a German palace and its interiors scream art nouveau. Built in 1908, it is a museum today with simple period decor showcasing how this high-ranking official lived during the colonial era.

The Protestant Church has a medieval castle design, which helped it survive the Cultural Revolution as it didn't look like a place or worship. Built in 1908, they now charge 10 yuan admission to see its simple interiors.

You can climb a short staircase up the tower to see its clock at work.

10-15 minutes further away, the Catholic Church has a far more intricate interior. Built in 1934 by a German architect in the Gothic and Roman style, St. Michael's Cathedral suffered immense damage during the Cultural Revolution.

Today, the church is a major destination for wedding photo shoots.

Qingdao Railway Station has a huge security presence thanks to terrorist attacks at other major Chinese train stations in recent years.

The square is huge but it is barricaded from its neighbouring streets, so there really isn't a reason to come here. To cross the road, the proper way is to go underground.

Meanwhile, other non-Chinese style buildings can be found throughout the historic city centre.

Apart from the landmark buildings, the side streets also have shorter Western-style structures.

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