Qingdao Photo Gallery - New District

The city has expanded eastwards along the coast and a line of skyscrapers has formed along Xianggang (Hong Kong) Middle Road.

Soon, I arrived at the waterfront, which has a long promenade leading all the way to the Olympic harbour, where sailing events took place in 2008.

Building heights get shorter gradually and only houses remain at the waterfront.

A sunset walk or jog here would be quite nice, even during the cooler winter months.

As night begins, the lights turn on and Wusi Square becomes red. The square is named after the May 4th movement, which protested against the Treaty of Versailles for transferring Shandong province from German colonial rule to Japan.

I returned the next morning to continue exploring the waterfront promenade all the way to the Olympic torch at the sailing harbour.

Police patrols were on hand to remove the noisy street performer along the promenade.

There is no beach here, and a warning suggests danger from winds and waves.

THe promenade emerges into a large square with the Olympic torch at another branch out in the pier.

If I weren't short on time, I would consider taking a cruise to enjoy the city from the water. The smog stayed away for a 2nd day.

The skyscrapers are not clustered together so much, but spread out a bit. Seems like a comfortable place to live and work.

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