Qingdao Photo Gallery - Miscellaneous City Scenes

Qingdao's coastline has not yet been transformed into a rich man's playground. Some of the buildings fronting the sea are quite modest.

During the winter, the views get obscured by nasty smog that reduces visibility significantly.

The skies turn grey even though it is supposed to be clear.

Motorcycles can get adapted into new uses.

German influence is still visible on this road sign, although this is an exception rather than the norm.

The Folk Museum is located inside the Tianhou temple.

I saw residents bring their large jugs to this machine to get drinking water.

Maybe it is winter, but I didn't see too many street food carts in the city centre.

Meanwhile, the city centre is not so built up with many lowrises and plenty of space between the highrises.

I wonder what all those people are hunting down on the beach?

The waters fronting the city are very clear.

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