Trek to Schilthorn Photo Gallery - Part 3

So which mountain should you go up - Schilthorn or Jungfrau or both? I picked Schilthorn to get away from the group tours, and the webcams showed a glorious day up there. The lookout at Piz Gloria stands at 2970m above sea level and offers commanding views of Jungfrau all the way beyond the mountains.

With a Swiss Travel Pass on hand, going up this mountain is substantially cheaper than Top of Europe.

Heading back downhill, my next stop was Gimmelwald, a quiet rustic town that is beginning to be discovered by tourists. Ingenious engineering and determination helped create these settlements high above the valley floor. It is car-free and only accessible by cable car.

An unmanned store has become the talk of the town. Prices are shown and you pay into a box if you are honest enough.

For military personnel, take note of these announcements.

Satisfied, and a bit disappointed the blue sky has been covered up by clouds, I continued downhill with a harrowingly steep journey to Stelchelberg.

From Stelchelberg, it's a short bus ride back to Lauterbrunnen, which is free with my Swiss Travel Pass.

The journey up to Schilthorn encompasses many stops but each segment is interesting in its own right. The views are incredible and the villages en route are also beautiful so it is a must-do if you are in the Lauterbrunnen area.

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