National Folk Museum of Korea
Seoul, South Korea

S. Korea Flag

This museum has over 4000 historical artifacts depicting Korean society. Exhibitions include displays of everyday life, traditions, and customs from prehistoric to modern times.

Agriculture was the major industry in the old days.

Coins were tied together by string so you wouldn't lose a few along the way.

Inside a traditional Korean home ...

Kimchi is a key food in Korean cuisine, and there are many kinds. This display shows how it is made.

Many dioramas showcase various customs in Korean culture.

Artistic calligraphy - Chinese characters are written using interesting combinations of objects and paint strokes.

Outside the museum building, a traditional shopping street from the late Joseon period has been re-created. Even the interiors have been furnished to re-enact scenes from yesteryear. This is a comic book shop.

These jangseung spirit posts were very important to villagers. They prayed to them to prevent disasters and to bring a good harvest.

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