Seoul, South Korea

Market @ Night

Although this is a shopping area, it also hosts many open-air eateries for some distinct local food.

Sungnyemun - Before the Fire

Often called Namdaemun, Sungnyemun is the biggest gate in South Korea. It has an arch-shaped entrance at the center of a stony platform. The pillar and the roof on the platform divide into upper and lower layers. When the first king of Joseon Dynasty, Lee Seong-Gye (reign 1335-1408), constructed the capital city, he believed that fire will reach to Gyeongbokgung Palace as Mt. Gwanaksan is shaped like fire according to feng-shui principles. Therefore, the tablet in Sungnyemun was written vertically to protect the city from fire as the Chinese characters written horizontally resembles fire.

After the Fire

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