Changgyeonggung Palace
Seoul, South Korea

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The Changgyeonggung was built in 1484 by order of the King Seongjong (the 9th King of the Joseon Dynasty : 1469-1494) for former kings and princes. The original residential palace was destructed by fire during the 6 years of 'Imjinwaeran' (Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592) and several other fires swept many constructions of the palace. Myeongjeongjeon (Hall), Honghwamun (Main entrance) and others have been rebuilt.

Since the last King of the Joseon Dynasty, Sunjong (1907-1910), moved from the Deoksugung (Palace) to the Changdeokgung (Palace) in 1907, the name of the palace was changed into 'Changgyeongwon' with zoo and a botanical garden and opened to the public. Unlike the other palaces, this palace's front gate and throne hall face east, while the others face south.

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