Shanghai Expo 2010
African and Middle Eastern Pavilions Photo Gallery


The line shortened considerably following dinner, and it was well worth the stop. This pavilion is one of my favourites, featuring plenty of exhibits showcased in a traditional way, without the neon and dazzle to get in the way.

The interior courtyard looked very real, down to the trees. The pavilion stretched a few stories up, so this big open space was quite dramatic.

Upstairs, they re-created a bazaar, with each room featuring a different type of local specialty from tiles to food. It was very interesting to explore their attention to details.


Other African Countries

South Africa



I expected these oil-rich countries in the Gulf to splurge to amaze. They had some dazzling gold, but I didn't like this one too much compared to the more traditional Morocco pavilion.


You could smell frankincense the moment you enter this pavilion, and they tried very hard to impress the visitors with Oman's rugged geography. They succeeded very well. The aroma was very pleasant and I didn't want to leave.

Saudi Arabia

The line for this pavilion was crazy. People were willing to wait 5+ hours for this pavilion, a costly creation that was the most popular after the China pavilion. I wasn't in the mood to stand for so long in line, so I opted for photos from outside.

United Arab Emirates

Like Qatar, this one was designed to impress. Norman Foster's sand dune-style structure was already an attraction in itself. The line didn't look so bad but it actually snaked around beneath the bridge next door. So I had to skip going inside as well.

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