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Shanghai Photo Gallery

Shanghai is China's largest city and financial centre. It has a colourful history, with significant cultural influences from Europe, marked by a district of buildings along the waterfront. Economic reforms have transformed Shanghai into a modern metropolis, which hosted the 1999 Fortune Global Forum, 2001 APEC meeting, and the 2010 World Expo.

Amidst the historical and modern architecture are vibrant neighbourhoods and lots of change. There is a lot of redevelopment pressure in the city centre where lowrise neighbourhoods are being transformed into modern skyscrapers and malls.

Newest Features

Huangpu District

Redeveloping Huangpu - 2023

Jing'an District

The Bund @ Night

Zhangyuan shikumen revitalization

Simingcun shikumen

Nanjing Road West

J Hotel

Pudong Airport T1

Pudong Airport T2


Puxi means west of the Huangpu River and is home to Shanghai's most historic areas, notably the Bund, where Western architecture showcased the city's cosmopolitan nature in the early 20th century.

Zhangyuan shikumen in 2012


Pudong was chosen as the site of Shanghai's new downtown in 1993, and the section directly across from the Bund has been turned into a maze of skyscrapers.

Expo 2010

The World Expo came to China for the first time in 2010, running from May to October. With an urbanization theme "Better City, Better Life", more than 190 countries participated and the event attracted over 70 million visitors. It was very popular among locals, who may have not had the opportunity to visit many of the countries yet, although some came to collect stamps from each pavilion as a souvenir.

Outside the City

There are several historic water towns within daytrip distance worth a visit. Although quite commercialized nowadays, they still attract incredible crowds even on weekends. Zhouzhuang is the most popular, and my visit was not particularly pleasant, while Zhujiajiao was quiet enough on a snowy grey day to slowly explore and enjoy the atmosphere.


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