Shanghai Expo 2010
European Pavilions Photo Gallery


This was my first pavilion for the day, so the line was not bad at all. I was greeted by the Little Mermaid statue. This perspective was a bit different from Copenhagen since we were at eye level in Shanghai.

I ascended along the ramp up to the roof. There was also a bench that followed the rise for those who could not make it up in one breath.

The Danish love to bike, and you can also do the same in this pavilion!




The Swedish pavilion started off with some art, then it seemed to have turned into a science museum. The highlight was a slide that people needed to book to descend to the floor below. It seemed a lot of fun.


This pavilion looks nice from far, but up-close, it has aged terribly. The exterior panels were not designed to last long.




There was a very long line here, and it was only mid-morning. Luckily, it kept moving, so it wasn't long to get to the entrance. They made an interesting choice for the facade.

Once inside, technology took over. Then there was a lady doing a Spanish dance in front of a curious crowd with their flashing cameras.

After all the technology exhibits were over, the baby emerged, making faces every few seconds.


The Dutch must be a group of happy people, since they named their pavilion Happy Street. It was another ascent to the top, and this one was more promising since the view should be quite good.

The designers made good use of the entire space. The ground floor was open to everyone and plenty took advantage by having a nice picnic and rest in the space.

Exhibits lined the ascent to the top.

The view was not disappointing at all. The pavilion stood tall in the heart of the Europe zone. There's Italy!


United Kingdom


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