MU 726 Hong Kong - Shanghai Pudong
MU 593 Shanghai Pudong - Hong Kong

Flight Information :
MU 726 Hong Kong - Shanghai Pudong
December 29, 2006
Scheduled Departure : 0820

An early morning flight but still a chance to do plane spotting on a cloudy day.

Don't know why we had to park so far away and take the bus again. Such a typical scene in mainland airports.
Now off to the city on the maglev!

Flight Information :
MU 593 Shanghai Pudong - Hong Kong
September 30, 2005
Scheduled Departure : 2000
Scheduled Arrival : 2220
Flight Time : about 2 hours 20 minutes

Pudong's architectural style is quite stunning, but on closer inspection, a lot of the details of the airport were very poorly done. For example, the connecting passageway to the maglev link and the food court resembled work from the 1970s rather than the 1990s. It was poorly ventilated. The paint work was badly done, and most of the travelators were not working.

While check-in was generally smooth since we were in a group, it took a long time time to pass immigration. The line-ups got worse as we waited.

Service on board was cordial. The meal tasted quite good. In the middle photos, the projection screen actually folds up into a Chinese scenic painting during takeoff and landing. The loading was quite high. Since the jet was parked on the tarmac, we had to board buses to reach the aircraft. Boarding was quite smooth.

China Eastern's service level is reasonably good. The FAs smile and talk very politely, and they get their work done quickly and efficiently. It was an enjoyable journey at a very bargain price.

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