Shanghai - Nanxiang Photo Gallery

Nanxiang is located in the outskirts of Shanghai and is easily accessible by Line 11, followed by a short bus ride.

Guyiyuan is a classic Chinese garden that was built in the Ming Dynasty during the 16-17th centuries.

The gardens offer plenty of shading under the hot Shanghai summer with a number of pavilions, rock formations, water features, and greenery.

The Old Street is now a shopping and eating pedestrian-only zone. A bit too commercialized, at least they decorated it in accordance with imperial times.

These 11m-high twin brick pagodas were first constructed arund the Five Dynasties / early Northern Song Dynasty as the gate for Nanxiang Temple. They were renovated in the 1980s.

Soup dumplings (xiaolongbao) is said to have originated here. I visited a historic restaurant to try them out. They didn't taste too good with the dumpling skin being too thick.

A small museum near the pagodas exhibits the many historic stores that used to line the shopping street.

Tanyuan originally was a private garden to Li Liufang from the Ming Dynasty. The garden was destroyed during the Qing Dynasty and was recently rebuilt.

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