Zhouzhuang Photo Gallery

Pick up a piece of traditional Chinese clothing or cloth to bring home.

Dried fish and shrimp are readily available for sale.

Don't expect to find a McDonald's, KFC, or Starbucks here. This is what you will find for lunch. I did stumble across a high-end cafe later in the day though.

Quanfu Temple is at the edge of town, facing more modest quarters where fishermen at hard at work. The temple itself is a new construction in the 1990's as the original site was severely damaged in the 1950's.

It's a huge temple, sprawling across a large lot of land with gardens and lakes.

Leaving the temple, I came across a shopping street, including this mobile "antique" shop.

Many traditional teahouses lined the streets, opening to the river in the back. Too bad I was hunting down for more filling food, not just tea.

The "illy" sign destroyed the historic atmosphere.

Want to try to some wine?

Chengxu Temple is a Taoist worshipping venue dating from the Song Dynasty in the 11th century.

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