Zhouzhuang Photo Gallery

These are traditional crafts created out of bamboo.

This house is a modern art museum, whose admission is not part of the Zhouzhuang admission package.

Zhouzhuang Museum is a small facility and surprisingly deserted compared to the luxury residences.

A panorama of Zhouzhuang's river scene.

Back along the riverside, the guides / boaters would sing along certain stretches of the cruise. I opted to skip this expensive boat ride, as I could enjoy the same scenery by walking along the riverfront anyway.

One-way traffic only

Some of these paintings were surprisingly cheap, although I wouldn't be surprised if they are mass-produced photocopies.

Zhang House is the other luxury residence that is now open to the public. Built in the 15th century, the house was acquired by the Zhangs in the Qing Dynasty, the residence consists of some 70 rooms.

A few old ladies were sitting around this table weaving shoes, enjoying a few snacks, and sipping some tea.

I have finished my Zhouzhuang tour, looping around the town and its many rivers. It was time for a dessert in a riverside cafe.

My tour comes to an end under the afternoon sun. Here lies the suspected underwater grave of a Shen family member.

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