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Before China embarked on economic reforms, Shenzhen was just a small border town of only 30,000 people. In 1979, it became China's first special economic zone and a testbed for reform to modernize the country, where foreign investment and expertise were welcomed with open arms. Since then, it was become a magnet for migrants in search of riches, first working in factories, and now technology companies.

Newest Features
Shenzhen Renaissance Luohu Hotel
Added Apr 24, 2024

Crane Lake Villa Part 1
Added Apr 20, 2024

Crane Lake Villa Part 2
Added Apr 20, 2024

Three Express Train Museum
Added Apr 20, 2024

Longhua District
Added Mar 6, 2024

Russian supermarket
Added Mar 6, 2024

Shenzhen Museum of Art
Added Mar 5, 2024

Shenzhen Bay MixC
Added Mar 5, 2024

Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition
Added Jan 10, 2024

MixC Hi-Tech
Added Jan 10, 2024



Other Features
One Avenue

Halo Place

KK Time


Art Design Center

Art Design Center Part 2

Upper Hills

Shenzhen Bay

SZX - Airport

Public Transport

Nanshan District

Nanshan Hiking



Dafen Art Village

Ping An Construction

Western SZ


Futian 2014

SZ Museum

Futian District 2010  Part I Futian District 2010  Part II

Shun Hing Square Observation Deck