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Shikoku has no shortage of toll roads. However, the scale is much smaller, oftentimes with only 1 lane in each direction. After a costly journey, I arrive at Kotohira to see Konpira-san. The climb up is quite famous for its 1368 steps but is segmented so it didn't feel so bad. You first pass along a shopping street to warm up.

Great to see the sun peeking out to put the neighbouring mountains into perspective.

The path is decorated with plaques commemmorating the generosity of various donors.

So why do people climb all the way up? This is the place to pray for safe passage across the seas.

The views were worth the climb. Despite the dimming daylight, there were plenty of tourists and pilgrims up here.


Takamatsu was once the key entry point into Shikoku before the era of modern bridges linked the island with Honshu. Today, the city seemed very sleepy. It was barely past 8pm and the shopping arcade looked like this.

With the weather forecast turning sunny, I woke up early the next morning for a walk to the waterfront, which has been redeveloped into a very nice urban space called Sunport Takamatsu.

The Kotoden has 3 lines that radiate from Takamatsu's waterfront terminus.

These cushions make waiting a bit more pleasant just outside a station. In other parts of the world, these cushions probably won't be here that long, or be as immaculately maintained to showcase its original colours.

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