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After a long drive from the mountains, it was relief to see a large city and a large market that is open for dinner. Hirome Market has over 40 food stalls offering fresh food and delicious sushi late into the night.

Kochi's local specialty is the bonito, which is lightly-roasted fish with a seared skin but completely raw inside. Add some lemon sauce and garlic and you are set to eat!

Food here is very cheap, and the atmosphere is very lively. The only down-sides are people smoke in the building, and you likely need to share a table with others.

Kochi has a large tram network with 2 lines. The rolling stock is quite old so I parked myself at the train station terminus on an early morning to capture them.

Kochi Castle was originally built in 1611 but rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in 1727.

Kochi is not a big city, so the densities are quite low and tall buildings are uncommon.

Godaisan offers beautiful views of Kochi. Despite the great weather, it was surprisingly quiet, and the restaurant was very reasonably-priced given the view. The hill is named after Wutaishan in China.

The sightseeing bus doesn't come so often, so they have this tag system showing whether you have missed it already. How thoughtful!

Katsurahama is a 20-minute drive from the city on the southern coast of Shikoku.

The beach is really nothing special but there is a small aquarium and shrine nearby.

It seems fish is a local specialty. The way they pack it means you can bring it home without cooling.

A new highway extension brings Shimanto and the southwest corner of Shikoku a bit closer, but it doesn't reach the city itself and you have to endure a slow drive along narrow roads for the rest of the way.

Cape Ashizuri is a long way from Kochi on hilly and narrow roads that are quite a consistent feature driving on Shikoku by now. This place is famous for being the southernmost point of Shikoku.

Rock formations and the ocean are quite beautiful here. There is actually a fairly large town next to all this, which is a bit odd given you need to go up, around, and down a mountain to reach here, with few cars passing you.

Shimanto is located in the southwestern part of Shikoku. Onsen hotels deep in the mountains offer star-gazing opportunities as well as fresh and delicious meals as part of the hotel package. Here is more bonito.

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