Shizuoka Photo Gallery - Nihondaira

Nihondaira is a must-visit destination not only for its Mount Fuji views but also an otherwise difficult-to-reach shrine behind it. A city bus makes the long climb uphill from either Shizuoka or Higashi-Shizuoka station.

I got off at the 2nd last stop (the one after Nippondaira Hotel) and went for the modern-looking observation deck to enjoy the wide view of the city's 2 centres.

Down the other side, look for the cable car station, which makes the short trip to Kunozan Toshogu Shrine on the next hillside.

The shrine celebrates Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu, who died in 1616 and wanted to be buried here. His successor fulfilled his wish by building a shrine with the finest craftsmen of the time.

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