Shizuoka Photo Gallery

Located mid-way between Tokyo and Nagoya, Shizuoka is a reprieve from the megacity and is a good base to explore Mount Fuji. While you may need to pay an arm and a leg for a Fuji-view hotel in Tokyo, the same can be had here at a fraction of the price, and even at a budget hotel.

This region is famous for its green tea, which has been grown since the 13th century. Roughly 40% of the country's supply comes from here.

While the city has its own international airport, regional connections are very limited, so your best bet is to fly into Tokyo. Consider the Mount Fuji - Shizuoka Area Tourist Pass, which provides free access to JR trains and Fujikyuko Bus services in the area, including Lake Kawaguchi in the Mount Fuji area.


Under an hour away from Shizuoka, explore this small castle without the tourist crowds. While the castle's original tower was destroyed by earthquake in 1854, there is a restored one on show now from the 1990s.

Around Shizuoka Station

Shizuoka is a fairly linear city and is divided into 2 main areas. The area around the main train station is in the western side of the city and there is another secondary centre to the east around Shimizu port. Explore the downtown shopping streets, go up to a viewpoint for a peek of the elusive Mount Fuji, and try some traditional foods in a themed alley.


The city's fishing port sees a massive tuna haul, and there is a fish market here selling fresh fare with a view of the bay.


Mount Fuji features quite prominently in the city's attractions, and a trip to this plateau above the city offers another chance to see this mountain. There is also a historic shrine in the hill behind it dedicated to a ruler who brought prosperity to the region centuries ago.

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