Surabaya Photo Gallery - Part 2

Take another Grab from here to the Heroes Monument, a vast square with many locals enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Next to it is the Governor's Office.

A number of colonial buildings dot the area around the Heroes Monument heading northwards.

Despite being a mostly Muslim country, a Catholic church stands proud with a small street markt outside of it.

From here, call a Grab to continue north to the city's star attraction, the House of Sampoerna, home to one of the country's most famous cigarette manufacturers. The building dates from 1862 and has now been restored into a small but interesting museum. Keep an eye on the free tour bus that departs from its front door to explore Surabaya's sights.

Satisfied with the museum, I decided to explore the side streets with many buildings that are in various states of disrepair. The riverfront nearby was in a far poorer state and there were no other tourists nearby.

The area around the Red Bridge is also another hotspot for colonial buildings. Jembatan Merah used to be the connection point for the city's ethnic enclaves, with the Europeans living on the west side and the Arabs, Javanese, and Chinese on the east side.

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