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Outside the Lionís Grove Garden, the neighbouring streets are full of activity with hawkers and souvenir stores selling stuff you don't need.

Lionís Grove Garden is a short walk to the south of the Humble Administratorís Garden. This garden is quite different as it uses lots of artificial rock formations and man-made caves, which can get quite treacherous to navigate in the rain as the rocks have been smoothened by tourist traffic and are quite slippery. The garden dates from the 14th century (Yuan Dynasty), and became a popular location for scholars and royalty. It subsequently was purchased by renowned architect I.M. Pei, who donated it to the state.

Ping Jiang Lu is not just any typical canal-side street. While on the west side, the buildings are utilitarian and a real community lives there, the east side is now filled with cafes, restaurants, and tourist shops.

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