Suzhou Photo Gallery

A Day Trip from Shanghai

Having suffered a traumatic experience with buying CRH tickets on the spot in Hangzhou the week before, I opted to visit Shanghai Railway Station the night before to get my roundtrip tickets. That way, I could sleep a bit later the next morning and guarantee to catch my train without any surprises with queues and ticket offices closing.

The 0838 train bound for Wuxi would take 31 minutes to reach Suzhou, a very feasible day trip option. Upon arrival, a horde of travel agents gathered around the single exit trying to drum up business for their guided day trips. They were everywhere. Not interested, I headed upstairs trying to look for the exit. Suzhou Railway Station is under construction, and there was a new building shell already just next to the current station. Although from the maps, it was possible to walk to the old city, in reality, it was not possible. Luckily, the first bus I saw, route 1, was headed in the right direction and soon I was on the way.

North Temple Pagoda
Humble Administratorís Garden

Lionís Grove Garden
Ping Jiang Lu

Twin Pagodas
Temple of Mystery
The Lingering Garden
Blue Wave Pavilion
Ruigang Ta
City Walls

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