Tayrona National Natural Park Photo Gallery

Stretching along an untamed section of the Caribbean, Tayrona has beaches, rainforests, and archaeological sites. Immensely popular with tourists these days despite its relative isolation, getting here is easy enough either by public transport from Cartagena or a taxi ride from Santa Marta's airport.

I came in from Cartagena, a trip that took some 5 hours but on decent roads. Frequencies are not high so you are pretty much tied to the morning departure. Pre-book beforehand!

After stopping at Santa Marta, the shuttle continues for about an hour to the park entrance. Here, staff will ask you to pre-book your departure transport. The entrance is just across the street further down the road.

Entry procedures are organized and staff will collect your money then give you a wristband. They will give a briefing on the park with a video presentation and you are off to explore!

Accommodation options are limited and are at two extremes of comfort. At the cheap end of the spectrum are tents on the beach. The best choice would be the ultra-expensive Ecohabs that cost over USD $300 a night.

The huts are not air-conditioned but their hillside location by the sea keeps it breezy and cool. Sleeping quarters are upstairs while the bathroom and rest area are downstairs in the open.

Scattered along the hillside, the huts won't block each other out although it doesn't feel that private with eyes watching nearby.

The hotel has its own private beach although the waves are quite intense.

With a lovely view, watch the beautiful sunrise from the comfort of your luxury hut, and hear the national park wake up.

Part 2 - Hiking Tayrona

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