Tokyo Airports Photo Gallery

Haneda Airport

My preferred Tokyo airport is Haneda, which is a lot closer to the city than Narita. Haneda's international terminal has its own rail station and it only takes 20 minutes to reach Shinagawa.

Getting here is not too difficult, with a direct train connection into Shinagawa or by monorail.

The new terminal isn't crowded at all, and not big enough to get lost amidst the rows of check-in desks.

Upstairs, there was plenty of shopping for the last-minute souvenir.

Nihonbashi Bridge has been re-created above the check-in counters with murals depicting the city in the early Edo period. The original was built in 1603 in the city although the Haneda version is a half size replica of the bridge as of the 19th century.

Observation decks are quite a popular feature at Japanese airports. Haneda itself isn't too popular for international routes yet, and hence seemed a lot quieter than Narita.

In addition to providing an observation deck, they go the extra mile to add displays like this one to improve the spotting experience.

Narita Airport

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