Tottori Photo Gallery - Sand Dunes

Stretching 2.4km x 16km, Tottori's sand dunes are the largest in Japan. Who would imagine Japan would have this type of landscape? This isn't an arid part of the country either, with greenery surrounding all this sand. This area was once a bay that was drained during the Ice Age. The plateau was covered with brown sand and subsequent eruptions from Mount Daisen, as well as river deposits added more.

To get here, take the city bus from Tottori station to the last stop. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

You can easily walk into the sand dunes and explore to your heart's content. The initial sections from the main road still have a lot of vegetation.

Surprisingly, there is a water source still running through parts of the sand dunes.

You can also climb up the dunes to the top for panoramic views. As the sand is soft, your feet will easily sink deep in, so the ascent is hectic.

At these heights, the Sea of Japan is a strange sight next to the sand dunes.

It is also possible to run down the other side of the dunes to the sea, but the climb back up appeared tough so most tourists did not attempt this route.

After having a lot of fun at the top of the dunes, you will need to trudge your way back across the sand to the main road for the bus back to the city.

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