Warsaw Krakowskie & Old Town Photo Gallery

Krakowskie is Warsaw's main boulevard, with wide sidewalks, posh restaurants, cafes, and shops. It is the place to be seen.

The guidebook mentioned about this local donut shop. This is not the typical donut that you can get at the typical highway rest stop in the US. The top is sprinkled with orange bits and a delicious rose cream jelly oozes from the inside. Absolutely marvelous.

St. Anne's Church dates back to the 14th century. After visiting the interiors, go next door to climb up almost 150 steps for a wonderful view of the Old Town and across the river to Praga.

A large square fronts the Royal Castle, which was rebuilt after World War II and completed in 1984.

Warsaw was razed by Hitler during World War II after the Polish rebelled against the occupiers. The Old Town was meticulously rebuilt using pre-war sketches, paintings, and photographs.

Hard to imagine all these are reconstructions and just decades old.

Defensive walls separate the Old Town from the New Town.

Exit the Old Town through the Barbakan, which dates from the 16th century.

The New Town seemed spacious, and as the winter sunset emerged, the streets got very quiet. St. Kazimierz Church has a very cozy and small interior.

Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Supreme Court occupies an interesting lowrise with historic-looking columns.

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