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With a reputation of being dangerous and not worthy for tourist traffic, Praga's image seems to have changed for the better in recent years as signs of gentrification start to show. To start, a new subwway line has arrived here.

Sts. Michael & Florian Cathedral was consecrated in 1901 but destroyed by the Nazis in 1944. It was rebuilt and re-opened in 1970.

The Museum of Life Under Communism is located in a not obvious alley in a run-down part of Praga. The address from my tourist guide pointed to a building reception who pointed me to cross the street to find the actual museum.

Who wants soda? The glass is chained to the machine to prevent stealing. This also meant everyone drank from the same glass.

Praga's District Museum is a small but cozy museum that exhibits life in this area.

A multimedia show accompanies the large model of historic Praga.

On the walls are a number of historical maps. For descriptions, grab a book at the front door. The captions in English are inside.

Life in the old days is a recurring theme in Praga's museums.

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