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Tianyou Peak, Dahongpao, Water Curtain Cave

A sizeable crowd was already waiting to enter in the early morning despite a hefty admission charge.

Look up at the giant screen to see how many people have gone in and where they are. Regardless, it would be crowded everywhere.

The various sights are quite far from the main entrance, so walking is not a feasible option. Tourist trains and buses would do the job.

Transport doesn't necessarily get you right to the best spots though. From the stop, it is a long walk, albeit on flat land and paved, to Tianyou Peak's base.

On the way, many bamboo rafts passed beneath on the curvy river. More on that later.

Although it is a long walk, much of it is shaded so it was comfortable in autumn weather.

The march up Tianyou, which reaches 408m above sea level, consisted of a very long staircase that was covered with people.

Along the way, the river bend with more mountains behind it was a spectacular sight.

Hiking with so many people in front, behind, and around you is not a very enjoyable experience. The clamour and noise made nature not so serene this morning.

Otherwise, the climb was not too difficult as it was one-way and had paved steps. Visitors would descend behind the mountain through another more gradual and wider staircase.

The downhill route ends with shops and restaurants for some replenishment.

Then you head back a long way to the bus stop for the next attraction. This is a great place for a good workout.

The park has 2 entrances. From the smaller entrance, the crowds thinned out and the bus journey was pleasant to see the various tea fields that have been adapted to fit the rugged terrain.

Dahongpao is the best tea grown in these rocky hills and steep valleys. These ancient bushes produce some of the most expensive tea in the world, costing more than gold.

The British had also taken notice of this precious tea. In 1849, botanist Robert Fortune came to this area to steal seeds and learn how to grow it. Ultimately, this would reduce Britain's reliance on China for tea.

The Water Curtain Cave would be another long hike from the bus stop, but with summer rains long gone, the "water curtain" was expected to be modest or disappointing.

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