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Jiuqu River Cruise

No visit to Wuyishan is complete without drifting down the Jiuqu River in a bamboo raft. The river zig zags around the mountains and the ride takes a scenic 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, due to mismangement by the park authorities, the wait for a raft took 3 hours, much to the anger of the various tourist groups stuck in line, to the indifference of the low-level workers who stood by.

Lifejacket on and sunblock applied, enjoy the slow journey downstream with 2 paddlers guiding the way. Pay for tips upfront before the journey for commentary en route.

After many bends around the river, Tianyou's staircase came into view. Strangely, today it seemed much quieter.

These paddlers have a hard life, doing 3 rounds a day during peak season. The rafts are trucked back upstream for the next ride.

Tanned and hungry, the cruise came to an end at a shopping area. Despite the queue woes, riding on a bamboo raft was certainly worth it to experience the area's lovely scenery.

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