Granada Photo Gallery

Part fortress, palace, and gardens, the Alhambra is a testament of Muslim influence in Spain during the medieval period. In 1984, it, and the nearby Albaycín district, were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Alhambra Part 1

The Alhambra Part 2

The Alhambra Part 3

The Alhambra Part 4

The historic Albaicín quarter is full of narrow alleys that ascend and descend along the slopes, offering not only vantage points, but also a sense of life back in the old days. Archaeological evidence shows this area was already occupied from the Roman period. It prospered under Muslim rule, and its medieval town plan of narrow streets and small squares remains today.

Albaicín Part 1

Albaicín Part 2

Albaicín Part 2

Besides the main attractions featured above, Granada has its share of other monuments, especially churches and monasteries.

Town Centre Walk Part 1

Town Centre Walk Part 2

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