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Finnair has increasingly put Helsinki on Asian tourists' radar. This is a good place for a short stopover en route to Europe. Founded in 1550 by the Swedes to compete with Tallinn, the town was originally razed in the early 18th century to prevent a Russian invasion but the Russians eventually annexed Finland in 1809.

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Hakaniemi Market Hall : This market hall opened in 1914 with fish, bread, and ready-to-eat foods.

Airport : In 2018, over 20 million passengers used Helsinki's airport. The facility is being expanded 45% in the coming years, which will double the # of gates for widebody planes and add 50% baggage handling capacity when the whole project finishes in 2023.

City Centre Main Tourist Sights : Start at Helsinki's main train station. This area once had a bay but it disappeared through reclamation in the 19th century. Buildings that came up needed strong foundations on poles buried up to 20m into the ground. Walk to Senate Square and to the harbour area for tourist markets and ferries.

Public Transport : Helsinki has an integrated public transport system, with tickets valid on buses, trams, metro, and commuter trains, including transfers.

Porvoo : An easy day trip from Helsinki only an hour away, this town has wonderful historic charm and quaint streets.

Katajanokka : This island east of the city centre was once a shantytown, but the art nouveau buildings arrived in the early 20th century and now 4000 people live here.

Kruununhaka : From Senate Square stretching northwards, this area was planned to be the education and government centre with many grand public buildings.

Eira & Southern Shores : Quaint villas amidst winding streets define the small district of Eira. With sea views, parks, and tranquility, this area was once considered too far from the city for homes and was originally destined for industrial use.

Suomenlinna : The fortress on an island was built by the Swedes in the mid 18th century fearing a Russian invasion. However, the Swedes surrendered in 1808 and Helsinki became the capital of Finland under Russian rule.