Major Bus Events in 2022 (2nd Half)

Dec 1

New Route 22X

Construction is under way at multiple plots along the former Kai Tak runway. With One Victoria nearly complete, Citybus launched a new bus route 22X on December 1 to Kai Tak station with no stops in between. It will be run solely by electric single deckers, the first fully-electric bus route in the city.

Nov 27

Sham Shui Po Festival

A number of vintage cars and old buses were put on display at this one-day even in Fa Hui Park.

Nov 26-27

Tai Po Lung Mei Beach Festival 2022

KMB launched a special bus route 75R connecting Tai Po Market station with the Lung Mei Beach Festival near Tai Mei Tuk.

Nov 20

Heritage Vogue . Hollywood Road

A special free shuttle bus operated between historic sites in Central and Western districts from City Hall for this special event held on 20 November only.

Nov 4-6

Rugby Sevens

The Hong Kong Sevens returned for the first time since 2019 due to COVID restrictions. Special event routes ferried spectators to various parts of the city after the last event on each day.

Nov 6

Fire and Ambulance Services Academy Open Day

Tucked inside a side street near LOHAS Park, KMB and NWFB each ran a special route to the event from the city. X90 operates from Wong Tai Sin while X797 operates from Tiu Keng Leng station. Visitors could also use the pre-existing 298 to reach Hang Hau station.

Oct 31


NWFB's Rickshaw bus launched a Halloween special route between Central and Mongkok running on 6 evenings leading to Halloween.


Chung Yeung Special Routes

Chung Yeung is a festival to commemorate our ancestors, hence there is a lot more traffic to the city's cemeteries. KMB launched several special routes for the occasion around the festival date.

Aug / Sep

Lego Bus

To celebrate Lego's 90th birthday, they collaborated with Walk in Hong Kong for a 1-hour double-deck bus tour, which is geared towards kids to create their own Lego creations while touring city attractions.

Aug 29


A new peak hour limited service was launched between Olympic and Tseung Kwan O with only 2 departures eastbound in the evening while westbound trips only depart in the morning rush.

Aug 21

YM2 Bus Exhibition

YM2 in Kwun Tong is hosting a number of historic buses on a number of summer Sundays. The final historic bus is a Dennis Dragon. The 12m vehicle was painted in cream white to denote they are air-conditioned and served from 1998 to 2016.

Aug 16


Route 793 replaced 796C and 796E serving Tseung Kwan O and Cheung Sha Wan.

Aug 14

YM2 Bus Exhibition

YM2 in Kwun Tong is hosting a number of historic buses on a number of summer Sundays. The third candidate is a Leyland Olympian. The 11m vehicle served from 1992 to 2009 and has been preserved privately by enthusiasts.

Aug 7

YM2 Bus Exhibition

YM2 in Kwun Tong is hosting a number of historic buses on a number of summer Sundays. The second candidate is a Dennis Dragon. The set of buses first arrived in 1994 with this model retiring in 2012 at age 18.

July 17-18 / Aug 1

Wo Tin Estate

Citybus launched a number of services in Tuen Mun to serve the new Area 54 under construction. Routes 50, 55, and 56 only have rush hour departures while 50M serves Tuen Mun station regularly. In addition, the MTR launched K54 to Siu Hong station on August 1. All services also stop at Ching Tin Estate, another public housing complex under construction nearby.

Late July

Electric Buses - Air-conditioned Waiting Rooms

Several new electric buses have been deployed at a few bus terminus as air-conditioned waiting rooms. I caught up with one parked at Wong Tai Sin terminus and happily explored a bit with very few passengers coming in for a cool break amidst the intense summer heat wave.

Interestingly, Lyndon Rees, founder of Citybus, made a social media post challenging these buses' viability in Hong Kong's hot climate and the many stops on city routes. Why are these buses stuck idle being air-conditioning rooms when they should be on the street making money? Can the electric bus' battery handle the air-conditioning load without frequent charging that would impact its utilization?

July 31

YM2 Bus Exhibition

YM2 in Kwun Tong is hosting a number of historic buses on a number of summer Sundays. The first candidate is a "Red Lantern" Leyland Fleetline that began service in 1978.

Late Jul / Early Aug

Mirror Concert

To alleviate the crowds after the concert, bus companies have organized special "R" routes to bring fans home afterwards.

Late Jul / Early Aug

KMB's New 67A

This new route started service on 17 July connecting Area 54 in Tuen Mun with the city, serving the new public housing estates at Wo Tin and Ching Tin.

Major Bus Events in 2022 (1st Half)
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