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Being Japan's first capital, Nara is overshadowed by Kyoto nearby these days. The vast rail network now puts the prefecture within a short train ride from either Osaka or Kyoto. Visiting during the autumn, I opted for a more complex itinerary, covering off-the-beaten track temples south of the city to see some colours in action.

Besides the historic city centre, there are beautiful temples and preserved merchant houses nearby.

Itinerary : Osaka - (train) - Hasedera - (train) - Sakurai - (bus) - Tanzan Shrine - (bus) - Sakurai - (train) - Yagi-nishiguchi - (train) - Kintetsu-Nara - (train) - Osaka

Japan National Tourism Organization : Nara Guide | Hasedera

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Part 1
City Centre

Part 2

Part 3
Tanzan Shrine

Part 4

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