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Taichung is along the middle of Taiwan's west side. It is possible to day-trip here from Taipei by using the high-speed train, but since the station is located in the outskirts, getting into the city from there will offset your time savings compared to the slower TRA trains.

You will get the quintessential Taiwanese urban experience here, such as grit and outdoor night markets. Add to that regenerated riverfronts, animated murals, and free bus rides within the city. Taichung is also a good base to explore the interior mountains such as Sun Moon Lake or going all the way across to Hualien.

Around Taichung Station

Historic Sites

West District

Xitun District

Public Transport

Greenery Projects
(Shin Sei Green Waterway & Liuchuan)

Fengjia Market

Day Trip to Douliu #1

Day Trip to Douliu #2