Taichung Photo Gallery

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Taichung is along the middle of Taiwan's west side. With a forecast of sun and only 40% probability of precipitation, I set off bright and early for my high-speed train ride. There are several ways to reach Taichung, including the long bus and slower train options. At 3 hours, the bus was definitely out of question for a day trip. The slow TRA train would be possible as they do run faster trains that can make the trip in a little over 2 hours. With this limitation, I did a lot of research on the net to find the possible combinations. The HSR website is a lot more user-friendly.

Part 1
Xinwuri & Taichung Station
Herbal Street
Wen Ying Hall
Mayor's House
Confucius Temple

Part 2
Nostalgia Restaurant
Buddhist Temple
Skyscraper Scenes

Part 3
City Scenes
Zhonghua Street
National Taichung Teachers College
City Hall