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After a few intense days of walking in Andalusia's quaint towns, I opted to return to a more urban experience for a change in scenery. Valencia is a big city, Spain's third largest. Yet it is laid-back and not overrun by tourists like in Barcelona. It is also a very affordable tourist destination. Hotel prices, like in most of Spain, are rock-bottom, but even more value for money here. I got an apartment for 2 nights in the city centre for less than than 100 euros. My flight in from Malaga costed less than 22 euros all inclusive, and the airport has a rail connection into the city.

Valencia was a major trading port and its heyday was in the 15th and early 16th centuries. However, discoveries in the New World caused a shift in focus down to Seville. By the 19th century, industrialization and citrus fruits brought some fortune back. A fresh orange juice would feature prominently in most of my meals here.

Arriving at night on the 14th, I would have 2 full days to explore the historic and modern parts of the city before continuing to Alicante by train. The historic centre is very walkable and took up most of my time. It was a bit rushed so an extra day could have been added to cover the key museums.

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