Guangzhou Photo Gallery

During the 19th century, the only place foreigners were allowed to visit in China was Canton, now referred to as Guangzhou, where they traded for silk, tea, porcelain, lacquer screens, lace shawls, ivory fans, and other luxury goods. It all began with the Silk Road, when some merchants chose to take their caravans south and transport their silk and other luxuries by sea through the sheltered port of Guangzhou. From Southeast Asia, more merchants came to do business, selling pepper, nutmeg, and other spices, bird's nests for soup, and aromatic sandalwood for incense.

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Wuyi Overseas Chinese Museum

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Baiyun Mountain
Zhongshan Memorial Hall

Zhujiang New Town

Haizhu District

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Lingnan Impression


Guangzhou TV Tower

TV Tower Observation Deck

Guangdong Museum

Chen Clan's Academy

Shamian Island

Shang & Xia Jiu Road

Pearl River Waterfront
Sacred Heart Cathedral