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During the 19th century, the only place foreigners were allowed to visit in China was Canton, now referred to as Guangzhou, where they traded for silk, tea, porcelain, lacquer screens, lace shawls, ivory fans, and other luxury goods. It all began with the Silk Road, when some merchants chose to take their caravans south and transport their silk and other luxuries by sea through the sheltered port of Guangzhou. From Southeast Asia, more merchants came to do business, selling pepper, nutmeg, and other spices, bird's nests for soup, and aromatic sandalwood for incense.

Historical attractions are in the older part of the city in the west, while a new business district has emerged around Zhujiang New Town in the east, where many skyscrapers now neatly line a north-south axis. In addition, do walk along the waterfront promenades and savour some Cantonese cuisine like wonton noodle soup and dim sum.

A high-level introductory visit would need at least 2 days, with a more relaxed itinerary being 3, split 2 days in the historical part and 1 day in the new business district. You will have more international hotel chain choices in the newer part of town, but you will make good use of the metro system regardless of where you live because you will be crossing the city to see both sides of town anyway. So choose a hotel near a metro station that doesn't require changing lines to start your day's sightseeing.

New Updates - Foshan / Shunde

Fengjian Water Town
Market Streets

Fengjian Water Town
Historic Buildings

Shunde Qinghui Garden
Part 1

Shunde Qinghui Garden
Part 2

Shunde Qinghui Garden
Part 3

Shunde Qinghui Garden
Part 4

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

Foshan Metro

Shunde OCT Harbour Plus

More Shunde OCT Harbour Plus

New Updates - Guangzhou City

Taigucang Wharf

Public Transport

Whampoa Military Academy



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Haizhu District
Pazhou & T.I.T. Creative Park

Insurrectional Martyr
Cemetery Park

Baiyun Mountain

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Yuexiu District

Historical Guangzhou

Start your day early by walking Shamian's quiet streets, where the old colonial traders once lived. The White Swan Hotel by the waterfront was once the city's very few number of venerable high-class hotels and is still an institution today. Continue along the other scattered attractions in the area and end the day strolling the pedestrianized Shang and Xia Jiu Road shopping street. You probably won't buy anything here but this is a good place to see the neon, watch the crowds, and grab bites of local food.

Chen Clan's Academy

Shang & Xia Jiu Road

Pearl River Waterfront
Sacred Heart Cathedral

Haizhu District


The New Guangzhou

Many Chinese cities have built new business districts in the former outskirts, and Guangzhou decided to build its own in the east. The main skyscrapers line along a north-south axis with a nicely-manicured park in the middle. Walk along the length of that axis to see the new buildings, and take the metro across the Pearl River to see the Canton Tower up close at the end. While views from Canton Tower should theoretically be the most dramatic, the lattice structure of the tower actually blocks out a lot of the window space. Alternatively, head up the Guangzhou IFC to the Four Seasons Hotel for views without the long lines to get in.

Zhujiang New Town

Guangzhou TV Tower

TV Tower Observation Deck

Guangdong Museum

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