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My time in Athens was short, just a pit stop on the way to the more picturesque islands in the Aegean Sea. With an airport train that brings you into the city, it was very possible to explore the Acropolis during my 5 hour layover.

The Parthenon commands a wonderful view of Athens. Dedicated to Athena parthenos, the goddess of power and prestige for the city, it is the largest Doric temple in the country. Given its prominence, expect large crowds even though the site is fairly spread out already.

The site has seen a long history of trategies, both natural and man-made. The Persians razed the site in the 5th century BC, the Venetian attack on the Turks in 1687 resulted in an explosion that damaged all the buildings, while the Earl of Elgin took away relics in 1801 which are still exhibited at the British Museum.

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